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Welcome To Our Store

Thank you so much for visiting us!

We are so excited that you are here! Our customers are so important to us! Our goal here at Snow Creek Candle Co. is to deliver the most consistently fragrant candles to our customers each and every time they order. All of our stock candles are layered with 2 colors giving them each a unique appearance. They are hand poured one at a time so that we can make sure that our customers are getting the best candles possible. Please, enjoy your shopping experience and drop us a line. We love to here from you and what you think about our products!


100 % Committed To Quality


We are committed to producing some of the highest quality fragranced candles on the market today. All of our candles are made using only top of the line, quality waxes that are manufactured and formulated especially for making highly scented candles.

We only use 100% pure and uncut fragrance oils in our products. These fragrances are formulated especially for the candle wax that we use, which allows us to give our customers perfect, beautiful and highly fragrant candles every time.

Who We Are


We are a family owned business located on the outskirts of Franklinton, LA on the banks of Snow Creek.  We launched this company in January 2019 with a mission. Our mission is to grow this company to a point that we can employ special needs adults in our community. With two autistic adult children of our own, we recognize the difficulty for these individuals to gain employment. We also recognize the importance of getting them out in the workforce alongside their peers and being productive members of society. We know that we can't change the world but here at Snow Creek Candles, we are going to give it our best shot! 

Autism is not a choice.PNG
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